Elbette (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling


If the sun sinks every evening and rises again every day
If the flowers wilt and then bloom again
Even if the deepest wounds get healed
Even if the greatest pains get forgotten
Tell me, why then be afraid in life
(Tell me, why should I always stay the same)
Naturally, I will sometimes be in full bloom but sometimes wilt
Naturally, I will alight on from one branch to another amd fly away afterwards
Naturally, I will sometimes spin around fast but sometimes stand still
Naturally, I will sometimes narrate but sometimes hush
(Missing sentences in the end of song)
I have never believed and can never believe
That everything has an end
Naturally, if I'm crying today I will laugh tomorrow
Naturally, I will go away first but come back later
Toegevoed door Meralina op Do, 17/03/2011 - 13:48