Este tren (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Rozalén (María de los Ángeles Rozalén Ortuño )
  • Nummer: Este tren
Engels vertalingEngels

This train

We get rid of our backpacks
To be free, free from all
Free even from you, even from you1
If you trust
Give up all that's worthless
Stretch your hand slowly
Grip mine firmly
You and me alone, you and me alone
I would take you to a far away beach
To watch an endless turquoise horizon
To bury your feet in the sand
To let the coldest winds tousle us
I would carry you up to a cliff
To the highest, ruggedest and bravest to shout out loud
How beautiful can I see life through your eyes
The wind blows today in another direction
Only he who walks stumbles
And there's also a place for mistakes,
blessed be the mistake
With my fingers
I'm going to draw messages on your skin
Pay attention to the signs
Actually, there's never a single thing to fear
I would take you before a burning sky
To talk to the shining stars that guide
To sink lightweight from the world
To the deepest depths, where they can't see us
I would embrace you until dawn
Until minutes don't go by, don't kill, don't hurt
How beautiful can I see life through your eyes
How beautiful can I see life
Get on this train
There are landscapes you will only see once
Get on this train
For it's likely it won't come by again (x2) 2
  • 1. 'Even from yourself' maybe makes more sense in this context, though I'm not completely sure.
  • 2. This can mean both 'the train won't come by' as well as 'this opportunity won't happen again'.
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I've edited some minor nuances and added footnotes. Still, I'm not entirely satisfied with some parts. Corrections and comments are welcome Regular smile


Este tren

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