Fais-moi la tendresse (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Ginette Reno (Ginette Raynault)
  • Gastmuzikant: Marc Hervieux
  • Nummer: Fais-moi la tendresse
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

Give me attention

We left without leaving
I didn't have the time to think about it
A little too early, a little too fast
The past is in the past*
You know the real me
Of these moments where everything shifts
Take me in your arms again
Without passion and without ridicule
Refrain :
Give me attention
Love without grief
Words without promises
Give me attention
All of my faults
Give me attention
Hand in hand
Forget the hugs
Give me attention
Today, tomorrow
At the same address
(Tanto affezione, tu me dai, tu me dai)
I wanted you, you wanted me
But destiny didn't want it
Like my song, misunderstood
Woe to that which goes away
I made my life on my side
I succeeded without succeeding
We don't know where to start
When we have a thousand things to say to one another
(Innamoratta tanto tanto)
Give me attention
If you still love me
A little desire
Give me attention
Now that our bodies
Are no longer pleasing
(Dell'esperanza, dell'affezione)
(Innamoratta tanto, tanto)
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Comments van auteur:

There are a few Italian lines in here that I translated to the best of my ability. I do not speak Italian, so if you can, please fix it!

Also: fais-moi la tendresse as a phrase can mean a couple of things in Québec. It can mean "give me attention" (as I have chosen this translation for this song), "make me tenderness" (a little more literal and not quite correct English :P)

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Fais-moi la tendresse

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