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Somewhere Down The Road nummertekst

  • Artiest: Feist (Leslie Feist) Ook uitgevoerd door: Jesse Harris
  • Album: The Hottest State (OST) (2007)

Somewhere Down The Road

Somewhere down the road
I'll see you again, I don't know when
And I know you'll be the same
And I know I'll be the same, unchanged
You'll free me again
But I'll never be free of memories
And I know your life will change
And I know my life will change, unchained
Unchained, unchained
I'll drift away
Like roses on the sea
Stars up in the sky
Where they're always alone, they're on their own
And I know that they'll always shine
And I know that they'll always shine on time
Ingediend door SilverblueSilverblue op 2022-10-05


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