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A fonte (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Legião Urbana
  • titel nummer: A fonte Album: O descobrimento do Brasil
  • Vertalingen: Engels #1, #2, Frans
Engels vertalingEngels (poëtisch)

The Fountain

Versions: #1#2
What's wrong with me
I can't find shelter
My country is hostile field
And you pretend to see, but you don't
Wash your hands for it’s at your door they’ll knock
But first you'll see your little children bringing news
How many kids were killed this time?
Don't do to others what you don't want
To be done to you
You pretend not to see and that gives cancer
I don't know what I'm capable of anymore
Hope, thy sheets smell like disease
And see that from the fountain, I'm the miles ahead
I celebrate every day
My life and my friends
I believe in myself
And I'm still clean
You think you know
But you don't see that evilness is prejudice
What's wrong with me?
I know nothing and I'm still clean
Beside the white cypress
To the left of hell's entrance
It’s the fountain of oblivion
I'll go further, I won't drink of this water
I get to the lake of memory
Where there's pure and fresh water
I tell the guardians of the entrance
"I'm son of Earth and Heaven"
Give me what to drink, for I have an endless thirst
Look into my eyes, I'm the torch-man
Take away this shame, free me from this guilt
Rip away this hate, set me free from this fear
Look into my eyes, I'm the torch-man
And this is a love song
And this is a love song
Dit is een poëtische vertaling - er zijn afwijkingen van de betekenis van het origineel (extra woorden, extra of weggelaten informatie, vervangende begrippen).
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A fonte

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