Gypsy Hungarian/Romanian song lyrics

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I listened to songs of Hungarian gypsy band Kalyi Jag. I liked their song My guitar/Gitárom. I don't know what language they sing, Hungarian or Romanian and I couldn't find lyrics anywhere. Also I couldn't find any video so I can't post it here. Please, if you know lyrics or can write it by ear (even if only a part) post it here, I'm keen on gypsy music and i need it so much.


Hi ЦойЖив,

I've searched after the band, but I didn't find much. I find their album (Cigányszerelem/Gypsy love) which contains the song My Guitar. After listening to it, all I can tell you is most of their songs are in gypsy language. Probably in Beás dialect.
Some of their songs contains Hungarian text too.

I also find a few song text too, I'm gonna upload them here:

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