Hello. If you would, please help translate the following song Kamp by Kukui(the artists)

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I know this is difficult, as it's a soundtrack, but I LOVE this haunting chant. I would like to know what is being said or maybe even how to pronounce it!

This is a youtube link to the short song-chant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD5L4LeO7v8&list=LLddDdkSu04nTzn0vSbLv3Kw...

thank you, and sorry if this is too much to ask for, it's okay. I have searched the internet for Kukui song lyrics but this song seems to elude all translation.

thank you again.

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I see maybe that no one is able to help, but thank you even if you only looked.

One last request?: if you know of a website that could specialize in what I am looking for, I would be grateful for a point in that direction.

thank you

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The language in which the lyrics are written is a creation of Myu, the composer,
and nobody but she knows what the words mean.
It seems only for the purpose of giving a more effective atmosphere to the scene where the song is used.

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This seems may be too late to reply this thread lol. I have the booklet scans, Kamp is one of B-sides song from their single "Hikari no Rasenritsu". Unfortunately, they are providing the lyrics only for Hikari no Rasenritsu and Utsusu no Yume. It seems a made-up language by Haruka Shimotsuki (the singer) since she is responsibility to make the lyrics.

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