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Hi, I've been scouring the net for the lyrics of this song but couldn't find anything. If you guys could help me by either finding or writing them by ear it would be awesome. I don't need the translation, maybe I'll do it after I'll have the lyrics, but if you want to translate it as well - no problem.

thanks in advance!

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Hi, TrampGuy,
Very beautyful song, I liked it very much!

I only found the lyrics of this song from the soundtrack of a film (with the Hip-Hop-Band Taktløs and Jonas Fjeld himself). I think the original song is only the refrain...
Here you are: Of course I added the the video of the soundtrack with Hip-Hop, sorry. I hope I'd help you.

Oh, I saw that I'd translated today a greek song in German that you've translated in English (Petros Gaitanos) Regular smile

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Hi marinos25, thanks for the thought, although I've also found the lyrics for the Taktløs version, which has only the first verse of the elusive original. So my request remains open.

I agree that the Taktløs version is very good as well, and thought about translating it to english later on but I really wish to find the original first. I would appreciate if you could edit/correct your requests of this song to have the main artist say Taktløs (with Jonas Fjeld being featured artist), solely to avoid confusion, make it more orderly and because it is actually so.

Petros Gaitanos is truly amazing, and I'll probably upload more of his work soon. If you actually know greek I could surly use some help Regular smile

Anyway, thanks again.

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Did not listen through the whole song, but I think you will find the complete lyrics here:

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Woohhhh....tusen tusen takk!!!

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