please can someone translate supre que me amabas by marcelia grandara

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Please can someone translate the song supre que amabas by marcela grandara
or all her hits love her music Thank you I'd really appreciate it thanks

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to dandb77 I want to thank you I love her music an never can find any translations on her music the other one I also like is
quero tus ojos if you can translate that one but thanks again

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'Dame tus ojos - Marcela Gandara' (Give me your eyes)

Give me your eyes, I wanna see.
Give me your words, I want to speak.
Give me your opinion.

Give me your feets, I want to go.
Give me your wish to feel.
Give me your opinion.

Give me what I need
for be like you.

Give me your voice, give me your breath.
Take my time, is for you.
Give me the way I must follow.
Give me your dreams, your desires.
Your thoughts, your feel.
Give me your life to live.

Let me see what you see.
Give me your grace, your power.
Give me your heart.
Let me see inside you
for be changed for your love.
Give me your heart.

I hope it helps you, sorry if it isn't perfect, i translated it by myself...
Kisses! :3


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