Translation of Hakim song Eh Ya Aam required

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If anyone has the English lyrics for the Hakim song Ae Ya Aam I would really appreciate them, thanks. I will try to find the Arabic version to post here in the mean time. Thanks

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(Ana mana saket aho)
Me? I am keeping silent
(mosh hatkelem ahoh)
I won't say a word
(hat mel 'akher)
Just get it over with
(ana 'al akher)
I can't control myself anymore
(mel gamal da hoh)
In the face of that beauty

(enta helw begad, enta)
You're really beautiful, you
(danta awel had, enta)
You're the first one, you
(Nefsy a'olo ana aho)
To whom I want to say "I am here" (to make my presence known)

(howa ely howa howa)
He's the one, he's he's
(yekhtafny bara we gowa)
Who takes myself away from me (abducts me on the inside and outside, steals my heart and petrifies me)
(wa asbat 'odam 'eneh)
And I just turn into stone in front of his eyes
(la ba'raf antak wala 'hot mantaq we el donia beya tedoor)
I can't say a word, or open my mouth, and the world starts spinning
(khalany akhely el kalam ye'oly eskot we lem el door)
He made my words tell me to just shut up. (he made me tell my words to tell me to shut up and stay away, I just am so clumsy and can't utter a word in front of him that I don't even want to get anywhere near him)

(enta 'la ba'dak enta, enta)
You're the one, you
(mayetseketch 'alek)
I can't stop myself from telling everyone about you (no one can keep silence about you)
(malketsh feek wala ghalta)
You're so perfect (I couldn't find a fault in you)
(erham, haram 'aleek)
Have mercy, please! (I am not as perfect as you are, your perfection makes me stand in utter awe and makes me feel unworthy of you)

(Lelsabr akher)
Patience has its limit
(maba'etsh 'ader, askoot 'ashan ardeek)
I can't remain silent anymore to satisfy you (I can't just not say a word, I am going to lose you if I don't0)
(akool wa 'asar, men gheer ma fasar)
I will just speak and be concise, and won't even try to explain what I am saying (I know it's going to be jibberish, overwhelmed by your beauty)
(aw hata amsek feek)
Or even start a fight with you (to get your attention)
That's it!

Pssst! (Oskot!)
Pssst! Keep quiet!

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Note: Him and he can refer to a female beloved in 'decent' poetry.

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