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My little brother

My mom has a boy and a girl,
The girl is dutiful - that's me
But the boy is like the mayor
Does a lot of bad things
And then he tells mom that i was the one doing it
All day long he scribbles in my notebook
And he hides my books under the bed
Mom says: boy, what did you do with the girl's pen
But he says: I don't know, mom
I didn't took it!
My little brother is both good and bad
But he's more good (than bad)
But he's little
He does a lot of stupind things
But he's the best when i play with him
When i play with him
He walks around dressed like a samurai
He knows what "gentleman" means
He runs around our dog
He crazes our grandmother
When he's putting on his Spiderman mask
Not even my grandfather can
Wach TV in peace (because of him)
Our cat loves him too
She runs with 80 km/h
She's more afraid of my little brother more than she fears any dog
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In romanian language we dont use "it" for animals, we use "she" or "he" like we do with humans.


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