Gamine (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Zaz
  • Nummer: Gamine 9 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Duits, Engels, Fins, Italiaans, Kroatisch, Pools, Roemeens, Russisch, Spaans
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Engels vertalingEngels

Little Girl

I could catch you this way
And suddenly rip your eyes out
If you didn’t look at me
With the joy of being in love.
I could spin on my head
Become crazy in some hours
If by any chance you’d feel like
No longer believing in my happiness.
That hurts me
It burns me inside
It’s not normal
And I don’t hear my heart any more.
Those are stories
To make little girls cry;
I don’t dare to believe them,
I am no longer a little girl.
I can cry for hours
If you don’t come back right away
Or race at 100 per hour
To go and get you some fries.
If only you snap your fingers
I appear in your living-room.
But if you don’t open the door
I promise I’ll kick it down.
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