Gheseh dou mahi (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Googoosh (فائقه آتشین) گوگوش))
  • Nummer: Gheseh dou mahi
  • Vertalingen: Engels

Gheseh dou mahi

Maa do ta maahi boudim touye daryaaye kaboud
Khali az ashk haaye shour, az ghame boudo naboud
Poulakamoon rango vaa rang
Rouzhamun khoubo ghashang
Aasemounemoun yeki
Khounamoun ye gholve sang
Khandamoon mojaa ro ta abraa mibord
Vaghti ke delgir boudam, oun ghosseh mikhord
Tooraaye maahi giraa vaa nemishod
Aasheghi tou darya tanhaa nemishod
Khaabemoun mesle sadaf
Pore morvaaride nour
Por shod in ghesseh maa
Tooye daryaa haaye dour
Hamishe tok mizadim
Be hobaab haaye dorosht
Taa ke morghe mahikhar
Oumado joftamo kosht
Delesh aatish begire
Dele oun khoune kharaab
Dige nobate mane
Saayash oftade roo aab
Bade maa nobate joftaaye digas
Rouze marge zeshte eshghaaye digas
Ey khoda kaari nakon yaadesh bere
Ke ye maahi oun paayin montazere
Nemikhaam tanhaa baasham
Maahi daryaa baasham
Doust daram ke bad az in, touye ghese haa baasham
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The tale of two fishes

We were two fishes in the dark blue sea
Without salty tears and sorrow of being or not being
Our scales were colourful
Our days were pretty and good
Our sky was one
Our home was a piece of stone
Our laughter was carrying the waves to the clouds
When I was annoyed, he was becoming sorrowful
Fishermen's net were not be opened
No lover wasn't alone in the sea
Our dreams were like a nacre
Full of shining pearls
Our tale was spreaded
In the far seas
We were always pecking
At large bubbles
Until the heron
Came and killed my couple
Hope his heart (heart of heron) burns
His heart is ruined
And now it is my time
His shadow has fallen on water
After us, it's other couple's time
It's the horrible dying day of other's love
Oh God, don't do anything leading to he forgets
That one fish is waiting below
Don't wanna be alone
Wanna be fish of sea
I like to be in the tales afterwards
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