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Γυάλινος κόσμος (Gialinos kosmos) (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Stelios Kazantzidis (Στέλιος Καζαντζίδης)
  • titel nummer: Γυάλινος κόσμος (Gialinos kosmos)
    2 vertalingen
    Engels #1, #2
  • Vertalingen: Engels #1, #2
Engels vertalingEngels

Glass world

Versions: #1#2
Who will give me the strength
to change this world,
to make beautiful hearts
big and merciful,
to throw away the faulty ones?
To give you one of them to break,
oh you world of glass,
and make a new
different society.
To make a real friend
to care about the friend.
The torments and the longings
to leave out of life
and life to flow beautiful.
And in the woman's heart
to put in some honor,
to light up a fire in there
to destroy the falsity
that she has inside her breasts.
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Γυάλινος κόσμος (Gialinos kosmos)

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