Go My Way (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Hitomi Yaida (矢井田 瞳)
  • Nummer: Go My Way
  • Vertalingen: Engels

Go My Way

何してんだろう こんなはずじゃないだろう
自転車 立ちこぎ 振りきっていく
生きていくことは まだ掴めない 夜が朝に変わるように
うつむいて取り残された場所を深く掘ってみよう 泉が眠るはずよ
It's my rainy day, but I'll just go anyway
溢れてるの 曲がらないの
Highway window パノラマ景色 辿り着かなくてもいいわ
寂しい時 隠れて泣かないで
その一粒に私はなりたいわ 塗り替えてあげる 何度でもいつでも
It's your rainy day, but I'll just go anyway
止まらないで 諦めないで
地球に寝ころんだら温かかったわ all right
認め合えたなら日々は美しい 通りすがりの嘘に もう惑わされたくはない
It's my shiny day, so we'll just go anyway
見えるなら あなたも誘って
繋がってくわ 歓びだわ ほら
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Go My Way

What did I do? Things shouldn't be like this
I hop out of the seat of my bike
I can't grasp ahold of life yet, like night changing into day
I thought that when I grew up that my hopes and dreams
Would multiply, but they just grew more complex
I'm going to try to dig out of the deep place that I was left with my head hanging, the spring should be dormat
It's my rainy day, but I'll just go anyway
When I can see you, I'll go to you
Overflowing and unyielding
No matter how much time it takes
The panorama scenery out the highway window, it's alright if I don't end up there
I felt like I was wrapped up in a soft cloth, just the future and me
Hide the times that you're lonely away, don't cry
A cell called the past is what has gotten you all soaked
I want to be just a drop of that, and I'll repaint you however many times, always
It's your rainy day, but I'll just go anyway
The truth is that you've already decided
Don't stop, don't give up
Even if the fog hangs over you
When I layed down on the ground, it was warm, all right
It's proof that I've lived with a heart full of scars
So if we both are okay with this, then our days will be beautiful
I don't want to be deceived by passing lies anymore
It's my shiny day, so we'll just go anyway
When I see you, I'll call out to you
We're connected, and I'm happy, hey
I'm seeing perfectly clear
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