Googoosh - mordab

  • Artiest: Googoosh ( فائقه آتشین) گوگوش))


in a naked field
under a deserted sun
me, an old puddle
stuck in the hands of the ground
i am that old puddle
separated from the whole world
the heat of the sun on my body
chained to the dusty ground
i am the one who wanted to become the ocean one day
i wanted to become the biggest ocean in the world
i had hopes to go get to the ocean
burn the night to get to tomorrow
at first being thirsty
under the old sky
but from my bad luck
my way fell in the desert
my eye, my eye was looking over their
behind that tall mountain
but from the hands of destiny
brought me bad luck on the way
i fell into a hole
the dirt prisoned me
the sky didn't rain
the sky was conserving
now i am a puddle
in pain of evaporating
one way i go in the ground
the other way to the sky
the sun from up their
the ground from down here
they make me evaporate
my life became like this
they took me with my eyes
i am dying here
my destiny is this
i am suck on the ground
nothing is left of me
i am only couple drops of water
the thirsty dirt is taking the drops away
i will get end up dry tomorrow when the sun comes
it will make me dry and take me to the sky
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