Hijo de la Luna (Engels vertaling)

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Child of the Moon

Fools who do not understand
the legend
There was a Gypsy woman
pleading to the Moon until dawn
asking, crying:
The day she was
going to marry
"Your man will have brown skin."
said the full Moon
But in return I want
the first child
that you have with him.
The one who sacrifices the child
will not be alone,
little to love him
The Moon want to be a mother
but cannot find the love
that makes you a woman.
Tell me, Moon of silver,
What do you plan to do,
With a child of Flesh? (Aah, Aah..)
Child of the Moon
The brown father's child was born
White like the back of a ermine
with gray eyes
instead of olive
The Moon's albino child.
"Damn your appearance!
This child is an albino,
And I will not put up with that."
The gypsy man feeling disgraced,
He went to his wife, a knife in hand.
"Whose child is this?
You must have tricked me!"
And he killed the mother.
Then he went to the mountain
With the child in his arms
And abandoned him there.
And at night, the moon is full
When the child is good.
And if the child cries,
the Moon wanes
to make a cradle.
If the child cries,
the Moon wanes
to make a cradle.
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