Hoda aime les fleurs (Engels vertaling)


Hoda aime les fleurs

Hoda aime les fleurs
et là nous les dépose
doucement, doucement.
Car son tout petit coeur
n' ose
dire les choses en grand,
dire avec trop de prose,
la beauté de l'Iran.
Hoda offre des fleurs
c'est la plus simple chose,
un trésor attirant.
Hoda aime les roses
et les couleurs
simples des asphodèles
Have a nice day,
Have a nice day.
L'on discerne son coeur
Caché derrière les fleurs.
Car c'est là qu'elle le pose.
pour que mieux il respire,
pour que mieux elle écrive,
les rivières d'eau vive,
les émois, les soupirs
de son pays persan.
C'est une traductrice,
aussi une princesse,
sur qui l'eau des mots glisse
passe et revient sans cesse
pour arroser les roses
pour irriguer l' encens
du parfum de ses roses
Qu' Hoda, là, nous dépose
doucement, doucement
comme un cadeau d'enfant.
Si Hoda aime les fleurs
c'est qu' Hoda a su garder son coeur,
son petit coeur d'enfant.
  • asphodèles:

    Asphodelus is a genus of mainly perennial flowering plants in the asphodel family Asphodelaceae.The genus was formerly included in the lily family (Liliaceae).The genus is native to temperate Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. Many asphodels are popular garden plants, which grow in well-drained soils with abundant natural light. (More: Wikipedia)

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Sur la photo de Hoda sur son site.

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Hoda loves flowers

Hoda loves the flowers
that are piink.
and lays down some for us
so softly, so softly.
For her so little heart
dares not
say things with too big words
say things with too much prose,
on the beauty of Iran.
Hoda shows us flowers
it's the most simple thing,
an attractive treasure.
Hoda O loves roses
and also and also
the plain colours of daffodils,
have a nice day
have a nice day.
One can guess her sweet heart
hidden behind the flowers
for she places it there
to make it breathe better
to make her describe better
the clear water rivers,
the qualms and the whispers
of her Persian country.
She is a translator
and also a princess
for whom the water of words
passes smoothly to and fro.
to water the roses
to water the incense
of her roses' fragrance.
It's why Hoda lays down
for us, softly, softly,
this so nice child's present.
If Hoda loves flowers,
It's because Hoda knew how to preserve
her nice little child's heart.
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Angel smile   Thank You HUBERT CLOS for this tender song...So sweet surprising.... Thank you So So much for this very beautiful and delicate song of yours for me

Best wishes for you and all my dear friends Heart Heart Heart ...

Have a nice days always .....


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