I Was a Fool (Spaans vertaling)


I Was a Fool

Do you remember I searched you out
How I climbed your city’s walls
Do you remember me as devout
How I prayed for your cause?
I stood still is what I did
Love like ours is never fixed
I stuck around, I did behave
I saved you every time
I was a fool for love
I was a fool for love
I was a fool, I was a fool
Then you blamed me and blocked me out
How long did you think I’d last
Then you disappeared for weeks to pout
How many times could I pack
But stand still is all I did
Love like ours is never fixed, still…
If you’re worried that I might've changed
Left behind all of my foolish ways
You best be looking for somebody else
Without a foolish heart, a foolish heart
But stand still is all we did
Love like ours is never fixed
I was a fool (repeat and fade)
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Spaans vertaling

Era Tonta

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¿Recuerdas que yo busqué a ti?
Trepaba tus murallas?
¿Me recuerdas como devoto?
Oraba por tu causa?
Estanqué es lo que hice
Este amor, siempre roto
Aqui me quedé, me comporté
Te salvé cada vez
Era tonta por amor
Era tonta por amor
Era tonta, era tonta
Luego me dejaste fuera
¿Creíste duraría?
Te fuiste durante semanas
¿Cuantas veces empaqué?
Pues estancar es todo hice
Este amor, siempre roto, aún...
Si te cuidas de que cambiara
Dejado atrás mis tonterías
Más te vale buscar alguien más
Sin corazón tonto, uno tonto
Estancar todo que hicimos
Este amor es siempre roto
Era tonto (repetir y desvanecer)
Toegevoed door ssleon64 op Zon, 20/05/2018 - 10:53
Comments van auteur:

No es una traducción literal sino que trata de ajustarse a las sílabas de las letras.

Not a literal translation but an attempt to fit the syllables of the lyrics.

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