Good Samaritan

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  • Idiom: Good Samaritan
  • Taal: Engels
  • Idiomatic translations / equivalents: Frans, Roemeens
  • Explained meaning: Engels
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 14 lyrics

Idiomatic translations of "Good Samaritan"

bon samaritain
Bun samaritean

Meanings of "Good Samaritan"


a good Samaritan is a persoon who helps others in need.

Explained by Gast on Vrij, 06/04/2018 - 19:42
Explained by Gast

"Good Samaritan" in lyrics

Tom Waits - Twenty-nine dollars

you thinkin gettin out of chicago was the
best thing ever happened to you
but he ain't no good samaritan
he'll make sure he's reimbursed

Shenseea - Temptation overdrive

Cyaan stop think bout yuh dis nuh healthy
Be a good Samaritan and help me
And if you ago charge me tell mi di cost mi affi pay fi yuh cocky

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row

Everybody is making love
Or else expecting rain
And the Good Samaritan, he's dressing
He's getting ready for the show

Megaherz - Buffer stop

Fend off every evil harm
The helper in time of need and noble knight
Sharing my cloak, am the good Samaritan
I'm the (buffer) stop, which prevents derailing

GG Caravan - It's great indeed

Let's not count, money is nothing substantial.
Still it keeps awake at night. "Still it creates terrible pressure."
How does it value? "Where is the good Samaritan?"
Burning issues. Surfing through channels.

Legião Urbana - Clarisse

When one more police occurrence
Nobody understands, don't look at me like that
With this likeness of a good samaritan
Fulfilling your duty, as if I were sick

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

Just like a whiskey bottle drained on the floor
She got no future, just a love to endure
This good samaritan is shaking her hide
'Too late to leave him now the song's in her car

Amy Winehouse - Like smoke

Y'all know the story y'all know the commentary
I kick the narrative this is legendary
The good Samaritan good thespian like a polygamist
With a twist will I marry again? maybe I guess

The Pierces - The Good Samaritan

Sorry thing it was that fell out of your hands
Then you take me in your arms become the good samaritan
Time flies by like planes above and worries me to death

Oliver Twist, Le Musical (ost) - At the Dumbly's

[Ms. Dumbly]
Oh, the good Samaritan here ... the only small problem my big one is that you have no choice. It's not a question, it's an order!

Maria Chatziilia - Lucky are the dead

After months of living like a parasite
My future now seemed bright
A good samaritan tought me Greek
And she offered me work five days a week.

Per Vers - Today

The all of us need to be here at the same time
And walk the same steps
So be a good Samaritan
And give the people you meet a smile

Poets of the Fall - Nothing Stays the Same

With no preconceptions of immortality
I rolled the dice uncompromised
And lost as I am you're my good samaritan

ZATMIM - The dances are becoming more ferocious

Imitating the imitators,
An orphanage for the abandoned muses,
Dropped there by a good samaritan.