Il faut du temps (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (داليدا‎)
  • Nummer: Il faut du temps
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels (poëtisch)

It Takes Time

It takes time to forget the faces from the past.
It takes time to arrive at the end of the voyage.
It takes time to stop the onslaught of images.
It takes time to debark for other beautiful shores.
Time has lifted me out of your life
like sand running through my fingers.
The wind has erased my footprints.
Now the sky turns gray
as the days grow shorter
as soon as I think of my loves.
How stupid one can seem,
as immobile as a poet
in front of a blank page—
completely blank.
It takes time to hope to fall in love again.
It takes time to get used to being happy again.
It takes time to no longer see your smile each night.
It takes time to no longer believe that I can die from it.
Like a flower pressed into a bible,
my life fades but remains beautiful.
I hear other voices calling out to me.
I still have loves to live
because I still have many tears left
to confront more misery.
With the day that will soon dawn,
I feel it ascend like well-being,
as if it were a beautiful Sunday—
a beautiful Sunday.
It takes time to forget to cry over yourself.
It takes time to get used to saying again I love you—
I love you—
I love you.
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Il faut du temps

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