Joe Lamont - Secrets You Keep lyrics request

  • Artiest: Joe Lamont
  • Nummer: Secrets You Keep
  • Taal: Engels

Found this lyric online. Very hard to me to understand some parts. Probably there's a lot of mistakes.

You don't need to explain
I can see it frame by frame
A picture says a thousand words
You thought you had control
Doomed until your soul explodes

You said take it easy
I did it from the heart
It's just another phony facade
Got to get it straight
Before it's too late

It's the secrets you keep
So close and so deep inside
It's the secrets you keep
Out here in your sleep tonight

????? give and take
But all you do is break my heart
I mend it but it falls apart
My motive's just unseen
I want to make my message clear
Understand what I say

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