Joonas Holmén - Come of Age


Come of Age

Come of age you’ll want to die
And who am I to deny that impulse?
A faithless soul won’t realise
We are destined just to
Die in this hell
And live as well
Nothing ever changes for the good,
No matter how it should,
No matter how you think it could
The best of us ain’t here for long
And that’s how I know we ain’t a part of that group
The living go on to die
Most of the dead wait for
A salvation gone
Correct me if I’m wrong
But nothing ever changes for the good
So I pray it would
But I can’t feel my faith
Like I should
Death is afoot
Stomping on my
Lungs and brain
My dark and deranged
Silent side I hate
That won’t save you
I wouldn’t save you
Even if I could
Cos when you were by that fire
Hearing stories about desires
So bad that you could puke
It is all true
In this world
That gets worse and worse
Nothing ever changes for the good
And the love that should
Exist will one day surely cease to
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