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The Fallen Leaf nummertekst

  • Artiest: Kevin Rainbow
  • Vertalingen: Russisch #1

The Fallen Leaf

God kisses this soft-fallen soldier
In thanks, who serving well
The nation of all nations, Nature,
Waged peace and bravely fell;
Saluting Heaven in life's tree,
In rain or sunshine's ray,
Who served the cause thereof for free,
Served it the virtuous way;
Who didn't need a map or plan,
A weapon or an order;
Who didn't need to be a man
To be the perfect soldier.
Thank you for greenness 'gainst the gray,
Thank you for keeping nature's way
Thank you for helping shelter birds,
Thank you for rustling, soul-felt words.
Thank you for catching Heaven's tears
Thank you for helping soothe earth's fears.
Thank you for holding my cocoon
Thank you for friendship with the moon.
Thank you for sharing summer's ease.
Thank you for riding autumn's breeze.
Thank you for waving, waving yourself
As the flag - the flag of peace.
Thank you for simply being nice.
Thank you for joining Paradise.
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Ingediend door Kevin RainbowKevin Rainbow op 2022-10-06


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