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O Lovely Bird nummertekst

  • Artiest: Kevin Rainbow
  • Vertalingen: Russisch #1, #2

O Lovely Bird

O lovely bird, kept far too long
Sheltered, restrained; 'tis time to rise,
To write with flight thy freedom's song,
And feel th'embraces of the skies.
Too long you've seen your daily story,
Confined to small and homely things,
Held back from its deservèd glory,
Too long unspreading passions' wings!
Hark the shores' call, the bidding sign,
O lovely bird, unto thy flight.
It echoes with thy name - 'tis thine,
The time to dive in depths of height!
5 maal bedankt
Ingediend door Kevin RainbowKevin Rainbow op 2022-10-06


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