Khabam ya bidaram (خوابم یا بیدارم) (Engels vertaling)

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  • Nummer: Khabam ya bidaram (خوابم یا بیدارم) 2 vertalingen
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Am i asleep or awake

Am i asleep or awake?
You are with me, with me
Partner and neighbour,
Closer than my clothes
Should i believe or not,
Warmth of your breathing
Your hands' noble and charming generosity
Am i asleep or awake?
Touch of your body is not a dream
This light is from you, tell me it's not from the sunshine
Tell me i'm awake, tell that it is not a dream
Tell me that after this, separation is not with us
If it is just a dream, let me sleep forever
Let me be the sunshine and glow from your eye in dreams
Let me be that bird, which is captive with a wounded body
Loves to die, so may dies in your hands
Am i asleep or awake?
O' who came from dreams
Open your bosom to me, percieve my heart
For my dream, you are the best expression
Be lenient with me,
O' my involving love
Without you i will be the winters cold grief
Will be a wounded bird, stuck in rain
O' you in love like me, modest just like me
Stay, stay with me
O' the best, o' the good
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Khabam ya bidaram (خوابم یا بیدارم)

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