Kitira Aleh (كتيرة عليه) (Engels vertaling)


Kitira Aleh (كتيرة عليه)

مش ممكن أبين نفسي ضعيفة
وخايفة مهما ضعفت
ولا هارضي أبان مهزومة
ان حتى سألني وبرضه حلفت
أنا واحدة قصاد الناس
ف مشاعري قوية طول الوقت
وإن حتى بحبه
هابين عكس اللي أنا حساه دلوقت
لازم لما يشوفني يحس
إن انا مش زي زمان
واني عشان حبيته
عملتله كل اللي بيرضيه
لكن لما يسبني
هاخليه عمره يعيش ندمان
وف بعدي هايتأكد
إن انا كنت كتيرة عليه
دلوقتي أنا حرة
ومن كل اللي حصلي أنا اتعلمت
وفهمت حاجات ف حياتي كتيرة
أوي لما اتألمت
مهما الوحدة هاتوجعني
لا يمكن هارجع تاني معاه
أصل اللي اتعود يظلم
مين هايكون فارق وياه؟
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Engels vertaling

Too Much for Him

I can never seem weak
or scared no matter how weak I become
I won't accept to appear defeated
even if he asked me and I swore it
In front of people, I'm the kind of person
who always stays strong with her emotions
And even if I love him
I will show the opposite of what I feel now
When he sees me, he must feel
that I'm not the same as I used to be
And that because I loved him
I did everything to please him
But when he leaves me
I will make him live the rest of his life in regret
And in my absence he will become sure
that I was too much for him
Now I am free
And I learned from all that happened to me
And I understood so many things in my life
so much when I suffered in pain
No matter how much loneliness hurts me
I can never go back to him
The one who treats others unfairly
is someone who wouldn't care for anybody
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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