Kris Kross - I Missed the Bus

  • Artiest: Kris Kross (Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith)
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I Missed the Bus

I missed the bus (x5)
I went to bed late
But I didn't think that it would affect me
Only came around a bit late, won't let me
Wake up, so I can get dressed
I guess my body was mad
Cause I gave it no rest
And when I finally did awake
It was a quarter to eight
Jumped in the shower and I know I was late
Stepped out, put on my jeans and my jewels
Said to myself "If I miss school I'm ruined"
I ran down the hill then in a rush rush
I ran down the hill tryna catch the bus
Now I'm hoping to myself everything is cool
Staying on my butt like a fool
For one, I'm all alone
And two, the bus is gone
Three, I might just quit
As we can now be at home
Can somebody come real fast to my rescue
I'm stuck at the crib and I don't know what to do
I missed the bus (x3)
And that is something that I would never ever ever do again
I was up (he was up), but I layed back down
Thinking I could chill 'til the time came around
And I did (he did), but a little too long
Cause when I woke up, yo, the bus was gone
I almost broke my neck tryna get out the door
And I chased the bus 'til my feet were sore
On the tram (the tram), but I couldn't catch up
I guess it must've been my day for me to have bad luck
Cause I lost my lunch money, ? back busted
Scrubbed out the sneakers that I really disgusted
And when I got to school it was the same old thing
Stepped into class and the school bell rang
It was nothing I could do, I tried to explain
But the teacher treated me like I was playin' a game
"You're a novice" (x2), the day was a no-win
I learned to never miss my bus again
I missed the bus (x3)
And that is something that I would never ever ever do again
I missed the bus (x2)
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