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Ten Swear Words

One, Two...
This has gone on for a while
And I don't feel like fighting anymore
But I think that neither of us
Remembers how to stop now
Yeah, I admit that I haven't always been
Entirely fair to you,
But I have tried to give
You a chance and room to breathe
You don't have to change yourself
But I'm tired of being your babysitter
I can't do it any more
Nine good (things) and ten beautiful (things)
That both of us
Were to cherish, sacrifice everything for it
Only one of us did
How do you do it? You can make me angry
(You) Can make me laugh with one sentence
Nine good (things) and ten swear words
I think that what I ask
I not too much to ask of you
You can get rid of a lot of useless stuff
If you'll just make the effort
You wouldn't have to perform miracles
Where can I have lost that person
That I once knew?
The same damn cycle 24/7
I'm about to lose my mind
A dive into the maelstrom, where I drown,
Even though the risks of the storm were well known
I must be a masochist, a lunatic
To be here of my own volition
A schizophrenic love confession
And ten swear words
Toegevoed door Huvivero op Vrij, 09/12/2011 - 22:12

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