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The Date

I was wrong so many times by now,
I already know
that almost certainly today
I am wrong about you
but what difference can one more time make
in this life of mine..
Accepting this odd date,
it was insanity! (some folly)
I am sad among the people
passing by
but the wistful feeling (nostalgia) of seeing you again
is stronger than the tears
This sun lights up on my face
a sign of hope
I am waiting and suddenly
I will see you appear yonder (in the distance)
My love be here soon (hurry up),
I can't take it (resist)
if you don't come, I don't exist
I don't exist , I don't exist ...
The weather has changed, and it is raining
but I stay and wait (keep on waiting)
I am not concerned (don't care) about what the world will think [of me]
I don't wanna go.
I look within myself and wonder
but I feel nothing (hear nothing?)
I am just some remains of hope
lost among people
My love it's already late
and I can't take it (resist)
if you don't come, I don't exist
I don't exist , I don't exist ...
Lights, cars, shop windows, roads
they all confuse into my mind
my shadow got tired of following me
the day slowly dies
All that's left is to go back to my house
to my sad life
This life I wanted to give to you
you crumbled it between your fingers
My love forgive me but I can't take it...
Now forever, I don't exist
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