L'injustice (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Garou
  • Nummer: L'injustice
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

The injustice

You already got around which made you suffer
Because the best often only harvest the worst
When you don't have the force nor even the desire anymore
And so much cried and so much cursed
When you are fed up with those who pretend
When they talk to you about money before they talk about love
And you have to see those leave that you have always protected
Daring a smile about your chances of coming back
The injustice, the injustice
You take the injustice like a stab in the heart
When a woman leaves you, when a friendship dies
When beauty never felt at ease with you
The injustice is lonely in front of its mirror
The injustice, the injustice
You take the injustice like a bullet in the back
When your colour and your skin are judged like a crime
The injustice is written on the walls of the prisons
On the beaches and the tombs that will carry your name
When it's heavy on your heart that they always say it's your fault
That you still have the shame to forgive
You come back out of it grown up, like from the land of the dead
The injustice only exists when it's strong
The injustice, the injustice, the injustice
Only when it's strong
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