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The beautiful love

The beautiful love, with an A 1
Big like Paris
You, you don’t have it
You promise me
You promise me
And I, I wait in your eyes2
To see there it is shining, the great reflection
Of the beautiful love that I were dreaming of
Of the beautiful love that you were talking about
When you didn’t have what you wanted
The beautiful love deep in the eyes
That wraps your heart in blue
The beautiful love, [next] to the skin
It keeps you warm when it is cold
The beautiful love to die for
It looks a little bit like a smile
It’s very pretty when it is true
The beautiful love
The truest one
It never came to your mind
That we could really love each other
With our arms full of sun
And then laughters wholeheartedly?
It was not very smart
Say, you just had to hold my hand
So, we could have paid ourselves
The beautiful love until it died
If you knew
How often
I have thought to get the hell out of here
To look for this love
That haunted my days and nights
And then I moved on
I got rid of my illusions
The beautiful love with an A
Big like Paris
And well I, I won’t have it
  • 1. the first letter of French word “amour” and it may also allude the Eiffel Tower’s shape like letter “A”
  • 2. the exact meaning of "quinquet" is oil lamp after pharmacist Antoine Quinquet. In colloquial language it means eyes and peepers
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La belle amour

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