L'an 2005 (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti‎)
  • Nummer: L'an 2005 2 vertalingen
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The Year 2005

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In the year 2005 AD
If man is not dust
If the birds of the air still live.
In the year 3005 AD
Who can speak of Heaven or Hell
All that you do, think, or say
Comes from the pill of the day
In the year 4005 AD
What is the point of having eyes and a heart?
Who will there be to love?
And who will be able to watch you?
In the year 5005 AD
Life is lacking
We have nothing more to do
Machines have the green light
Oh oh oh
In the year 6005 AD
If there is a God
When he sees our earth
When he watches he will say
It is the hour of the Judgement Day
In the year 7005 AD
Will the Almighty be proud
Of what man has created and destroyed
Or will he want to start again?
Oh oh
In the year 8005 AD
Will man still be on earth?
He has taken everything without leaving any trace
But what has he left in its place?
10,000 years since man
Left with tears
Was it love or hate
Which ended his reign?
But at the end of the dawn
A star falls asleep
We must be silent
Perhaps it was only yesterday
In the year 2005 AD
If man is not dust
Will he know where his happiness is?
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L'an 2005

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-Pillule has an extra L and should be spelled pilule

-In "Le Tout-Puissant sera-t-il très fier" fier should be written fièr