Larsen (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Caparezza
  • Nummer: Larsen
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels


I met "him" in, like, 2015 1
I'm still living with him, so here's a toast to us 2
Since then, I've got his hissings in my eardrums
Every day it's like I'm back from an AC/DC show
Because of my tension, he whistles just like when you call a taxi
Without a break, continuously, how am I supposed to get some rest?
Alone in bed, like in hell, screaming chorus in the room
I've found myself reading lips, enough with novels
I could calm him down by the sea
Sidereal peace, Antares
My ear beaten with a club
Conor McGregor, Alvarez
An unrelenting buzz, like a fist on the hooter
First thought in the morning
Last one before jumping down a terrace
The ear whistles, the tinnitus rages 3
In my head vuvuzelas, not an ukulele
My resistance it's like the zulu's, it breaks
If Larsen comes, you've got to keep it (x2)
I talk about Larsen and I reach for my gun
I put up a curtain
I would hear people whistling 4 even if they were on fire and applauding
Low self-confidence
I couldn't hear music like I used to
I was a Lagostina, continuous pression 5
Depression and then rage
I turned to a specialist
He told me there's only one cure
First thing first
Talk to your ear, apologize
Then pills, double IVs
MRI scan, Doppler ultrasonography
Ecodiets, hecatombs
Larsen unharmed, he's a stalker
They thought I was mad
They wanted to shut me in
I've seen more medicals in one year
Than Florence during the Renaissance 6
They start to tell me they've been fooled
Even thought it's not April the 1st 7
I wanted to see "him" disappear, but...
The ear whistles, the tinnitus rages
In my head vuvuzelas, not an ukulele
My resistance it's like the zulu's, it breaks
If Larsen comes, you've got to keep it (x2)
(Right till the end, right till the...) 8
I know what it means to fall in love with Larsen
I know what it means to fall ill 9
I know what it means to be in a cinema, wanting to leave
Against Larsen, [the whole] armoury
I thought it could all go well
Only who's got it understands what I feel, literally 10
And then I can't concentrate, it wears me out
I'm begging for mercy, Larsen
I miss the sound of silence
More than Simon and Garfunkel
In my brain there's Tom Morello sending me an audio feedback 11
You wanted rock? Now you've got to keep it
Right till the end
(Right till the end...)
  • 1. the author talks in this song about his story as a sufferer of tinnitus, a disease he calls "Larsen", because what he hears sounds like the Larsen audio effect. Because of this name, and because of the Italian grammar, he refers to it like to a man. The strange being who follows the author in the music video of this song is the personification of the disease.
  • 2. when Italian people toasts, they imitate the sound of clinking glasses, saying "cin cin", which became a way to call the toast itself. The pun here is on "quindi cin" (= "so here's a toast") and "quindici" (= [20]15).
  • 3. this is a reference to a popular Italian song, "Fischia il vento", which starts with the words "the wind whistles, the storm rages".
  • 4. in Italy, whistling is considered a sign of disapproval, so "to whistle" means "to boo".
  • 5. reference to an Italian manufacturer of pression cookers.
  • 6. the surname of the Medici family, who ruled Florence during the Renaissance, litlerally means "medicals", "doctors".
  • 7. the original pun is on the Italian idiom "non so che pesci pigliare" (= "I don't know what fish to catch"), meaning "I don't know what to do" and to the fact that the jokes played on April the 1st in Italy are called "April fishes".
  • 8. the chorus stretches the first syllable of the word "fine" (= "end") in order to imitate the sound of the tinnitus.
  • 9. the original pun is on "ama Larsen" (= "[I know how] Larsen loves") and on "ammalarsene" (= "to fall ill of it").
  • 10. in Italian, the verb "sentire" means both "to hear" and "to feel".
  • 11. the author says that he's listened too much rock music in the past, so now it's like having a guitarist inside of his brain deliberately creating the Larsen effect while playing his guitar.
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