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C’ ’e libbre sott’o braccio
e a camicetta a fiore blu,
vuò fà a signurinella
’nnanze a scola pure tu;
te piglie ’a sigaretta
quann’e accatte pe papà,
te miette già o russetto
comme vire fa a mammà,
Ma, lazzarella comme sì,1
a me me piace sempe ’e cchiù,
e vengo apposta pe t’o dì
vicino a scola r’o Gesù.
Tu invece m’arrispunne «eh, già,
i’ deve retta propi’a tte…
pe me l’amore pò aspettà,
che n’aggia fà?, nun fa pe me.»
Ah, lazzarella, ventata ’e primmavera,
quanno passe tutt’e matine
già te spiecchie dint’e vetrine,
solo nu cumplimento te fa avvampà.
Ma, lazzarella comme sì,
tu nun me pienze proprio a me,
e rire pe m’o fà capì
ca perdo o tiempo appriesso a te.
Mò vene uno studente
’nnanze a scola r’o Gesù.
Te va sempe cchiù stretta
’a camicetta a fiore blu.
Te piglie quattro schiaffe
tutt’e volte ca papà
te trova nu biglietto
ca te scrive chillo là.
E, lazzarella comme sì,
ce sì caduta pure tu:
l’amore nun te fa mangià,
te fa suffrì, te fa pensà.
’Na sera tu le rice ‟no”,
’na sera tu le rice ‟ma”,
ma si nu vaso te vò dà
fai segno ’e sì senza parlà.
Ah, lazzarella, o tiempo comme vola;
mò te truovo tutt’e matine
chieno ’e lacrime stu cuscino,
manco ’na cumpagnella te pò aiutà.
E chiano chiano mò, accussì,
te sì cagnata pure tu,
e te prepari a dì stu sì,
ma dint’a chiesa d’o Gesù.
E chiano chiano mò, accussì,
te sì cagnata pure tu,
e te prepari a dì stu sì,
ma dint’a chiesa d’o Gesù.
  • 1. lazzarella = furfantella, bricconcella.
  • 2. La versione originale recitava ‟Lazzarella, tu sì già mamma” {lazzarella, tu sei già mamma} al posto di ‟perdo ’o tiempo appriesso a te”, ma fu modificata per ordine della censura.
    L’originale aveva quindi un significato molto diverso: Lazzarella rimane incinta di qualcun altro anziché semplicemente innamorarsi di qualcun altro; la camicetta le va stretta per la pancia che cresce e non per il seno; il padre la prende a schiaffi per la gravidanza e non per la corte che riceve; similmente per il ‟ci sei caduta pure tu”, il ‟sei cambiata pure tu”, per le lacrime che bagnano il cuscino e per il matrimonio (riparatore piuttosto che d’amore).
    Vedi anche qui

Little Rascal

With your books under your arm
and your blue flowery blouse,
you want to play the little miss
in front of the school, too;
you take a cigarette
when you buy them for your dad,
you put on the lipstick
as you see your mom doing,
you little rascal…
Yet, your being a little rascal,
I like it more and more,
and I come near the Jesus school2
just to say that to you.
However, you reply «yeah, right,
and I should do as you say…
as far as I’m concerned, love can wait,
what should I do with it?, it’s not something for me.»
Oh, little rascal, breath of spring,3
every morning, when you walk by,
you look at your reflection in shop windows;
a flattery is enough to make you blush.
Yet, a little rascal as you are,
you’re not thinking about me at all,
and you laugh to make me realize
that I’m wasting my time in chasing after you.
Now, a student comes
in front of the Jesus school.
The blue flowery blouse
fits you tighter and tighter.
You get a couple of smacks
every time your dad
finds a note
that that guy has written to you.
Little Rascal…
And, a little rascal as you are,
you’ve fallen for it too:
love doesn’t let you eat,
it makes you suffer, it makes you overthink.
One night you tell him ‟no”,
one night you tell him ‟well”,
but if he wants to kiss you
you nod without speaking.
Oh, Little Rascal, time does fly;
now, every morning, you find
this pillow soaked in tears;
not even a girlfriend could help you.
And now, slowly, this way,
you’ve changed too,
and you’re getting ready to say this ‟I do”;
only, inside Jesus’s church.
And now, slowly, this way,
you’ve changed too,
and you’re getting ready to say this ‟I do”;
only, inside Jesus’s church.
  • 1. Lazzarella {Little Rascal} is used as a nickname for the girl of this song.
  • 2. scuola di Gesù means some school run by priests and/or owned by the Church, probably named something like Bambin Gesù {Baby Jesus}.
  • 3. ventata di freschezza {gust of freshness} = breath of fresh air, breath of new life.
    ventata di primavera {gust of spring} = breath of new life (also referring to the joyfulness of spring, love and youth).
  • 4. The original version went like ‟Lazzarella, tu sì già mamma” {little rascal, you’re a mother already} instead of ‟perdo ’o tiempo appriesso a te” {I’m wasting my time in chasing after you}, but it was changed due to censorship.
    So, the original had a very different meaning: Lazzarella gets pregnant from another guy instead of just falling in love with this other guy; her blouse gets too tight because of her growing belly instead of her breasts; her father slaps her because of the pregnancy and not because she has a lover; similarly for ‟you fell for it too” and ‟you’ve changed too”, for her tears wetting her pillow; and for the marriage, which is a shotgun wedding rather than a love wedding.
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MichaelNaMichaelNa    Zon, 21/01/2018 - 23:02

Credit should be given to the fact that "Lazzarella" is another way of saying "Lazzarina" i.e. the female version of the name "Lazzaro" (Lazarus). In fact, it could also have been "Lazzaretta or Lazzaruccia" but she was not referred to as "lazzarona" which would have definitely have made her a scoundrel, rascal, idler or a slacker.