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The passer-by

I want to dedicate this poem
To all the women we love
During a few secret moments
To the ones we barely know
That a different fate carries away
And that we never meet again
To the one we see appearing
One second at the window
And whom, nimble, fades out
But whose svelt figure
Is so gracious and slender
That we remain radiant
To the journey companion
Whose eyes, charming landscape
Turn the path shorter
That we are the only one, maybe, to understand
And still let her walk out
Without grazing her hand
To the thin and supple waltzer
Who seemed to be sad and nervous
That one carnival night
Who asked to remain unknown
And who never came back
Spinning in another ball
To the ones already taken
And whom, living grey hours
Next to a being too different
Let you, useless folly,
See the melancholy
Of a hopeless future
Dear images glanced
Hopes of one day disapointed
You will be in oblivion tomorrow
As soon as happiness comes
It is rare to remember
Episodes of the path
But if one missed his life
He thinks with a bit of envy
To all those delights glimpsed
To the kisses we dared not take
To the hearts must awaiting
To the eyes never seen again
Then, upon weariness nights
While populating one's solitude
Of the ghosts of memories
We cry for the absent lips
Of all those beautiful passer-by
We couldn't hold back
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   Ma, 24/08/2015 - 00:45

You're right, it is more along the lines of "Hopes of one day dissapointed"

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