Lost cause

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Idiomatic translations of "Lost cause"

Cause perdue
Causa persa
Una guerra persa
ümitsiz vaka

Meanings of "Lost cause"


A person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed or be changed for the better. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Explained by IceyIcey

"Χαμένη υπόθεση"!

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Explained by Afroditi DimitriouAfroditi Dimitriou

безнадежное дело; гиблое дело

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Explained by St. SolSt. Sol

"Lost cause" in lyrics

Sebastián Yatra - Devuélveme El Corazón

You were the love of my life
My lost cause
I don't wanna understand

Vivziepop - Alastor's Reprise

Take it boys!

Inside of every demon is a lost cause
But we'll dress 'em up for now with just a smile

Aitana - The Bad

I'm a lion that ate the butterflies

Get lost 'cause now it's your turn to lose
since your game is over

Anson Seabra - Broken

Am I human?
Am I flawed?
Do I deserve a shred of worth or am I just another fake, fucked up lost cause?
And am I human?

Lewis Capaldi - Rush

[Chorus: Lewis Capaldi & Jessie Reyez]
I hope you’re lonely, hope you’re lost 'cause I've been
And I'd hate to think you're better off without me

Jennifer Lopez - Don't Love Me

Fine, don't love me, but stay another day

Don't love me because I'm a lost cause
Because the world is changing, because its destiny

Ruth B - Superficial Love

You're really cute, I must admit
But I need something deeper than this
I wanna know when I'm looking at you
That you don't only see the things you want to

Hazbin Hotel (OST) - Alastor's Reprise

Inside of every demon
Is a lost cause
But we'll dress 'em up for now with just a smile

Molly (Russia) - Because it's love.

Okey, let's hit the breaks, everything so awkward.
And want to help with something both night and day
My luck with lost cause, already wait by the doors.
But everything will be, everything will be okay.

Ruben Blades - Love and control

(for as many disputes that there may be
at home, for as much as
you believe that your love is a lost cause,
be assured that they love you

The Pillows - My Foot

From the crack in the gate of longing,
The stolen passport is already a lost cause
Even if I blaze through this city and dream a dream thrown at my feet,

Morat - Lost Cause

And I am not going to apologize
If knowing you were a lost cause
And if I don't find you again

Mohammed Assaf - Upset W Whom

I'm upset with whom, upset with whom
In my heart the yearning has died
Upset with whom, upset with whom
In my heart the yearning has already died

Kyle Spratt - Suicide Note

There's no use in pumping my stomach,
Cause I'll just do it again,
I'm a lost cause so fuck it.
Everyone with grudges towards me,

Blackbear - If i could I would feel nothing

If I could I would feel nothing
That's the truth and I don't care
Mix prescriptions with prescriptions
It's not right but life's not fair

2Pac - Only Fear of Death

I put the pistol to my head, and say a prayer
I see visions of me dead, Lord are you there?
Then tell me am I lost cause I'm lonely
I thought I had friends but in the end a nigga dies lonely

Antimatter - Fighting for a Lost Cause

And prying eyes, they stoop too low
Poisoning my soul, as sanity waits in the gallows
Defeated I, fighting for a lost cause
Depleted I, dying for the wrong cause

Ha*Ash - That's Not Gonna Happen

I'd rather be alone than put up with you at all hours
Pretending to get along when in reality you don't even tempt me
This is a lost cause
If you want to come back to me, I tell you at once

Melendi - Whatever we deserve

I'm searching for a lost cause
to reach your heart
I'm searching for a lost cause
And my tears sing

grandson - Destroy Me

I am a hollow-point, you're my Beretta
You're with me when I settle a vendetta
I am a lost cause singin' to the choir
I need a fix, can we get much higher?