Make the flowers bloom

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Meanings of "Make the flowers bloom"


Flowers will grow or wither as usual.

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Explained by Tiffany NguyenTiffany Nguyen
Sorry, but I see no idiom here. The expression is quite straightforward in all the examples and can be understood with a word for word translation in any language. Or is there some other specific meaning to it? - silenced 2 weken geleden

"Make the flowers ..." in lyrics

K.S. Chitra - Fragrant breeze

Gentle breeze, won't you tell me a poem ?
To fly in the sky, won't you give me your wings ?
I am coming as the wind, come with me to make the flowers bloom.
I am coming as words, come with me to sing the song

Haricharan & Marrianne - After seeing you

Having watered the love and made it take root, can we allow it to wither away, my love ?
Even if it withers, the fragrance will come and
make the flowers bloom before.

Warabe - If tomorrow

Quietly in our memories
And then, by the fence of our hearts
Let's make the flowers bloom
If I shed tears

HeartCatch PreCure! (OST) - Alright! Heartcatch PreCure!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Now, everyone
(Yeah! Yeah!)
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Let's make the flowers bloom

Jin Akanishi - Purple

The fact that I cannot say goodbye skillfully makes me docile.
Even though I'm terrible at words, "I love you" hurries me.
If it is a warm place, will you make the flowers bloom as you always did?
I had the feeling that the closer we got, the more distant we became, you know.

Sakura Wars (OST) - When Love Has a Sweet Scent

All: Flying above
Even we can make love
Now make the flowers bloom

Hiromi Go - Forget It Ever Happened

Morning has come, the time when my natural heart and body seem to be in balance

At least if there's men and women, we should make the flowers bloom
You were beautiful, a seemingly midsummer night's wonderland