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I do not sing to sing
nor having a good voice
sing because the guitar
makes sense and reason,
land has heart
and wings of dove,
is like holy water
crosses himself glories and sorrows,
fit here is my song
as I said Violeta
working guitar
smelling spring.
That is not rich guitar
or anything like
my song is from the scaffolding
to reach the stars,
the song makes sense
when it beats in the veins
which will die singing
real truths,
not flatter shooting
or foreign reputations
but the song of a lark deep
into the earth.
There it goes all
and where it all begins
song that has been brave
new song will always be.
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I added a video from Youtube with a nice pictures of the author and arts.

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joseph949joseph949    Ma, 19/09/2011 - 18:21

Isn't easy to translate a song without change the real meaning.

Read about music throughout history