Mark de Groot - Fighting Gold

  • Artiest: Mark de Groot
  • Ook uitgevoerd door: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OST)
  • Album: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Fighting Gold

Fate is fickle, weighing down your spirits
As it stands, it has you at your limit
You have been captured by its chains
Nowhere you can run from all the trouble
Every second, life is now a struggle
But you’ll fight, long as you remain
For in the deep, dark ravine
Down in debris
Hope still abides, although in pieces
Your hands shall uncover
That prize buried under
Once it’s obtained
Then the world can be changed
Fighting Gold
To those who reach for their goals
The only ones who shine the brightest
Focus on the virtue they hold
Before they die in their glow
Even up against the mighty
You will always keep on fighting
You’re the ones who have the most valiant souls
Fighting Gold
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