Meen 3aref (مين عارف) (Engels vertaling)


Meen 3aref (مين عارف)

مين عارف
هشوفه انا تانى و لا خلاص؟
ليه سايب حبيبته هنا
تصعب كده على الناس؟
بيفوت قصادى
عمري و قلبي مجروح
و بقول لنفسى عادى
كل حاجة حلوة بتروح
على طول فى بالي
و فى حضن قلبى شايلاه
صعبان عليا حالي
مش قادرة ثانية انساه
مين عارف بيعمل ايه
و لا فى احضان مين
ليه فاكراه و هو خلاص
عايش لناس تانيين؟
لو كان ناسينى
مش عدل ابقى فاكراه
و خلاص ادينى
ضيعت نفسى فى هواه
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Engels vertaling

Who Knows

Who knows
if I will ever see him again or if it's done
Why has he left his lover here
for everyone to pity?
He passes in front of me
My life and my heart are in pain
And I tell myself, it's normal
Every sweet thing has to go away
He's always on my mind
And he resides in the embrace of my heart
I pity myself
I can't forget him for one second
Who knows what he's doing now
or who is embracing him now
Why do I remember him while he
is living for other people?
If he has forgotten me
It's not fair for me to keep remembering him
And now I have finally
lost myself in his love
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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