Mimei no Kimi to Hakumei no Mahou (未明の君と薄明の魔法) (Engels vertaling)


Mimei no Kimi to Hakumei no Mahou (未明の君と薄明の魔法)

特別な景色を 指で切りとった君
耳元を魔法が掠めて 色づく世界
未来は零れ 零れて足元で滲む
モノトーン溜まり 沈んでも
坂道をのぼった先の あの
景色は変わり果て 別の誰かのもの
言わずにいた 大切な秘密
音にのせれば 空気を震わせて
流星の様 強く光って見えた
君の描いた ありのままの景色に
自分のかたちも 影さえも映らない
世界は染まる 染まって明日へと変わる
今 確かな魔法で
瞳の中を 朝焼けが満たしてる
未来はまだ ここから
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Engels vertaling

You at Early Dawn and Magic at Twilight

A special scenery awaits at the top of the hill
You cut a line across it with your finger
Magic brushes my ear; the world changes color
And leaves me behind
The future spills, it spills and spreads at my feet
Even if I sink in a pool of monotone
If I embrace the unchanging future
I can get a bit closer to you
The special scenery at the top of the hill
Has changed completely, become someone else's own
I carried magic on my lips
And didn't reveal the important secret
The colors that I turned on shined as brightly as falling stars
And it seemed that If I could hum along, the air would tremble
They are clearly distant
But they aren't transparent
My own figure, not even my shadow is reflected
In the scenery that you painted, as it is
But that's okay
For the sake of the unchanging future
I will meet you again and again
It's just, I, I wanted to know...
The world is dyed in colors, and after that it becomes tomorrow
Now, with what is certainly magic
My eyes fill with the morning glow
The future starts here
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