恋の奇跡 (Koi no Kiseki) (The miracle of Love) (Engels vertaling)

恋の奇跡 (Koi no Kiseki)

真夏の太陽が 照りつけてる
僕の経験値どれだけ 増えたら格好つくんだろう
隠してた純粋な想いが 目一杯に膨らんでいる
「どんな風に言えば 君に届くんだろう。」
ひねりだした解答を ぎゅっと掴んで
ハートをエグるように 突き刺され 恋の奇跡
「君と笑いたい…」僕の夢なんて そんなもんだ
いくら遠回りしたって たどり着いてみせるんだ
色んなガラクタを拾い集めて やっと君に会えたんだよ
君のせいで やけに全部が 光りだした
告白 この想いが ふいにならないように
怖じ気づいてちゃ 今の僕はしようがないんだ
息が止まるくらいに あがってゆく心拍数さ
ハートをエグるように 描き出せ 恋の軌跡
「君が好きだ…。」この言葉が 僕の全部
1秒でも早く 会いたくって走るんだ
見せてよ スマイルを
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The Miracle of Love

The midsummer sun is shining
The amount of my experiences, I bet I'd look cool if they increased
Nothing special, neither the worst
These pure feelings of mine I've been hiding are swelling to the fullest
"How should I say it, so it reaches over to you..."
I hold tightly the answer I came up with
It's as if my heart was scooped out and pierced by the miracle of love
"I want to smile with you..." That is my dream
No matter how many detours we take, I'll show you how to get there
To a future with you
I spend my time collecting all kinds of junk until I finally meet you
There's no way I'll let you go now
There's so many unbelievable things happening
And thanks to you, everything surrounding me started to shine
A confession, to not let this feeling go unnoticed
I got scared and noticed, I'm hopeless
My heartbeats have become too fast, to the point it can stop my breath
Come with me to the next page
I decided in a moment
I change suddenly
To the me from yesterday
I'll wave my hand
It's as if my heart was scooped out and drawn by the miracle of love
"I like you..." These words are my everything
If I want to see you for even 1 second, I'll run over to you
All right, I'll go see you now
Let's start with the two of us together
Show me your smile
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