Moje zlato (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling

My treasure

My life was shot in the dark
Before you,
And all other women don't fit
Even in the rubric ''miscellaneous''.
Your fingerprints are here,
On my heart like on the glass,
Real love never misses(makes a mistake).
We laughed together,
We cried together without shame.
I am now like a solder
Who takes off the shoulder straps.
I know that I'm not saint,
I know I have a milion negative sides,
But I love you... Until the last day.
Who but me
Will kiss my treasure?
I want you all to know, hey, to know
That I still love you,
Love you (so much) so I will go crazy
I swear to you, one thing,
I couldn't be worst,
Untill you didn't touch me
I was deaf and blind
Because nothing is more important to me than us...
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Croatian (Chakavian dialect)

Moje zlato

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