Monsieur l'Amour (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti‎)
  • Nummer: Monsieur l'Amour
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

Mister Love

I have recognized you in every city
with your frail gait,
your kind poet composure.
I have met you in taverns
in streetlight glimmers
or as a nice figure in the shadow.
You came and sat at my table
as the unforgettable embodiment
of a hero or a man of wit.
You turned my heart into a lover's.
Thanks to you I am happy
and thanks to you I live the way I live,
Mister Love,
when you knock at my door,
all the devils may care1
to bring me to paradise.
Mister Love,
as soon as you show up
I come to meet you
and surrender to you2
Through the bars of a cage
and even between two clouds
you come and slip through quietly.
If you want to know what is on my mind,
just listen to my dancing heart.
You are everything that's real here.
Mister Love,
as soon as you show up
I come to meet you
and surrender to you.
If you want to know what I want,
what is in my mind,
I would like so much for us to stay friends,
and for you to come and play you guitar
to make my life more beautiful
with each of your tales and gestures.
(chorus x2)
  • 1. an attempt to render "le diable l'emporte" (devil may care), which means literally "may the devil carry it away"
  • 2. "dire oui" in this context evokes agreeing to mary someone
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Monsieur l'Amour

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Кстати я исправил маленькие ошибки во французких словах

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