morgh-e-sahar (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Googoosh (فائقه آتشین) گوگوش))
  • Nummer: morgh-e-sahar 2 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Engels, Frans
Engels vertalingEngels

Morning Bird

morning bird, mourn, further renew my pain
with a sigh that rains fire, break this cage and overturn it
flightless nightingale, from the pine cage, sing humanity’s song of freedom
from the breath of the masses, fill the open earth with fire (?)
oppression, the oppressor, the hunter’s oppression, it has left my nest dwindling in the wind
O god, O universe, O nature, make our dark evening into dawn
it’s a new a spring, the flowers have bloomed, the clouds in my eyes, are filled with dew
this cage, like my heart, is suffocated and dark
oh fiery sigh! start a flame in this cage,
nature’s hand, don’t cut short the flower of my life
give the lover a look, my young flower, make it more!
you heartless bird, make it brief! make it brief, the story of separation
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Alternative title: Bird of Dawn

This is a poem by the Iranian poet Mohammad-Taqi Bahar, and famously sung by Mohammad Reza Shajarian.