Motionless In White - Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride

  • Artiest: Motionless In White
  • Album: Disguise

Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride

Everyone that you love is dead
Unholy ghost of Crane’s delirium
Trace the fear of your silhouette
You wanted madness…. Undead Ahead
Oh how the wind it whispers
The moonlit fog ignites
With Lucifer as witness
The pumpkin rides tonight
Crimson coagulates
Severed head bouquet
Body incomplete
Sealer of your fate
Crimson calligraphy
Written on the trees
Creature from the grave, Headless and hellbent for me
Line the streets
Murder for keeps
That’s how you play trick or treat with a heart beat
Bloody does he, bloody does he storm through the gate way
Race the sunset, head for the bridge
You cannot kill that which has no soul or life to take
The blood of our beloved
The Hessian comes to claim
The woods, the woods
The bridge of souls too far to reach
You can’t escape
Damnation on all hallows eve
This place is haunted
Live or die in the tale of the midnight ride
Where reality and superstition collide
Close your eyes kiss your dearest Katrina goodbye
And beware of the tale, tale of the midnight ride
Revenge is cold and their heads will roll
Menace in the moonlight
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