Nefarious - Bad Guy's Gonna Win

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Bad Guy's Gonna Win

All good villains pride themselves on rightly doing wrong.
But the one thing every bad guy needs, is an awesome villain song!
We villains don't posses the greatest record
The heroes always chance a victory
But I can clearly tell why these two-bit villains fail
It's for the simple fact that they're not me!
Got an endless stock of sweet explosives
An arsenal of both caustic and corrosive
Got an airship chock full of ballistics
And they'll crush anyone remotely altruistic!
This time, the bad guy's gonna to win!
With my own brand of discipline
Some may disagree with my rise to tyranny! FOOLS!
This time the bad guy's gonna win!
Other villains try to poison lakes or block the sun
Other villains like to choke their minions just for fun!
And yet inevitably their plans become undone!
I've learned from those before me, and my references speak for me!
(He's kidnapped me for six years running!)
That's correct, we go way back.
(He tossed grenades in all our pluming!)
They were just asking to be blown up!
(Not unlike me, he's pretty ruthless!)
I'm a little freaked out by that one...
(He's smart and cunning,)
(An equal opportunist!)
That's right, I hate everyone equally!
I've got Intel constant and consistent
(Umm... courtesy of your brilliant assistant?)
'Cuz this chaotic world is truly lawless
United under Crow, it will be flawless!
'CUZ, this time, the bad guy's gonna win
Unleashing darkness from within
Heroic sheep won't be fit to kiss my feet, NO!
This time, the bad guy's gonna win!
No one's left, the heroes all have fallen to my hand
Now's the time that I shall cast my shade upon the land
A bold new era will begin. EHH HA HA HA HA HA!
As kingdoms fall, I'll simply grin, he he!
And when they beg for mercy, I'll just sing another verse-y!
'CUZ! This time, the bad guy- The bold and slightly mad guy!
This time, the bad guy's gonna win!
The bad guy's gonna win, yeah!
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