in no time

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Idiomatic translations of "in no time"

за нула време
im Handumdrehn
von jetzt auf gleich
in null Komma nichts
Na wczoraj
на вчера

Meanings of "in no time"


without pause / without respite / without ceasing

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"in no time" in lyrics

3RACHA - Runner's High

They call me "triple threat, rap, dance, vocal", I do it all
Oh man like 'tripal x', CB's too hot
The marathon I've been running all this time heats me up
It's not a big deal now

NCT Dream - dear dream

now i know it's you

as time passes
i treasure when we were so young

Clau - Few Breaks

In the budget
The changes, lessons from Rolex's window
More than one price for the same time

Victor Crone - Storm

We’ll be safe and sound

In no time the storm will end
It’ll be alright again

Razzy - If You Do Do - Pomp and Circumstance

I'll do you fast and hard, you're gonna end up blind

I'll give you a sign and then you'll see in no time!
All Right! All the tension, killer engine

Atif Aslam - In No Time **

I keep thinking she was so innocent that
She just transformed into a different person in no time
She just transformed into a different person in no time
What happened to our love...

Wisin & Yandel - Sexy movement

I would like to feel your body
It’s the moment
To come to me, don’t waste more time

Stromae - Carmen

The affair will last just two days perhaps a third
First you get acquainted, then you start to follow
In no time you’ll go crazy, and then it’s all just hollow.

Castle in The Sky (OST) - Carrying You

I'll bring you out of your disguise

Yes, the time for me has come
To set out on my way

Aventura - I invite you

But i have tricks and few words
Think it through well i invite you in my bed
I will be back in no time i tell my corduroy

Claudio Capéo - Rich

There'll be days with and days without
Friends who return their jacket in no time
Days of pain that bind us and the torments

KMFDM - Heave-ho!

In no time

Wanna One - Kangaroo

Set aside your work and come here
lie that you have something urgent and make a phone call
ha to fill up your unsorted time
head to the summer resort with light kangaroo step

Celia Cruz - Just In Case I Don't Return

in the case I don't return
pain will kill me
so much time without seeing her
my heart hurts

Haifa Wehbe - You again!

What brought you back?
And why are you telling me about your agony?
I don't have time for you
You've made me suffer for so long

Max Hansen - The White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang

When the beautiful innkeeper calls to me "Welcome!"
Every day in no time
becomes a holiday.

Satinder Sartaj - Many treasure

Footnotes:Sur - A melodious chord, Saah- Breath
Sarote- Audiences, Samaa- Time, especially of total harmony
Saaz - Musical Instruments, Sufi - Mystic

Tangled (OST) - I see the light

He will tell me the answer
The arrow has pierced through my heart
Everything has changed around in no time
Now I am with you

Đorđe Balašević - Merry-go-round

The night swings like an over-ripe kernel
Hard times, but I am even a harder man
Gravitation takes its toll in no time.

Sade - By Your Side

And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
And in no time
You'll be fine