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A Portuguese Home

In a Portuguese home, it is so good
to have bread and wine on the table.
and if someone humbly knocks at the door,
we invite them to sit at the table with us
This sincerity is good, so good ,
the sincerity which people never deny
the joy of poverty
is this great richness
of being generous and feeling happy
Four whitewashed walls,
a sweet smell of rosemary,
a bunch of golden grapes
two roses in a garden,
a ceramic statue of St. Joseph
and the sun of the spring in addiction ...
a promise of finding kisses
two open arms waiting for me
This is a portuguese home, certainly!
This is, surely, a portuguese home!
In the humble comfort of my home,
there is the plenty of affection.
and the curtain of the window is the moonlight,
and also the sun, that shines on it ...
Just a little is enough to cheer
such a simple existence
It's simply love, bread and wine
and the green kale soup,
smoking from the bowl.
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Uma Casa Portuguesa

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